Periodontics: Oral Health and Wellness


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Course Highlights:

Module I: Understanding Periodontal Health Explore the fundamental principles of periodontics and delve into the anatomy of the periodontium. Learn about the physiological processes that contribute to periodontal health and gain insights into the critical role of gum tissues and supporting structures. Discover how a balanced periodontal environment supports overall oral health.

Module II: Recognizing Disease States Develop expertise in diagnosing and identifying periodontal diseases at various stages. Uncover the signs, symptoms, and risk factors associated with gingivitis and periodontitis. Delve into the importance of accurate disease assessment through clinical examination, radiographic evaluation, and patient history.

Module III: Choices in Treatment Strategies Navigate through a diverse range of treatment options for periodontal diseases. Learn about non-surgical interventions, scaling and root planing techniques, and the utilization of antimicrobial agents. Gain insights into surgical procedures, including flap surgery and regenerative techniques. Understand the significance of patient-centered treatment planning and the customization of approaches based on individual needs.


Discover the intricate world of periodontics and its pivotal role in maintaining oral health and overall wellness. This comprehensive course, “Periodontics: Oral Health and Wellness,” is designed to provide dental professionals with a profound understanding of periodontal health, the recognition of disease states, and the array of treatment strategies available. Dive into the realm of periodontics and empower yourself with knowledge to elevate your dental practice and enhance patient care.

Why Enroll:

  • Expand your knowledge of periodontics and its integral role in oral health.
  • Enhance your ability to identify and diagnose periodontal disease states.
  • Explore evidence-based treatment strategies for optimal patient outcomes.
  • Elevate your dental practice by incorporating advanced periodontal care.
  • Earn continuing education credits and stay at the forefront of dental excellence.

Who Should Attend: This course is ideal for dental professionals, including dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants, seeking to deepen their understanding of periodontics and provide comprehensive periodontal care. Whether you’re looking to enhance your clinical skills or advance your practice’s offerings, this course offers valuable insights to propel your professional journey.


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